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Artist Support Pledge

'Morning Meditation' 20x20cm (7.8x7.8" inch) May 29th is the start of Art Week in Amsterdam,and that seems like a good reason to restart a special project. Some may remember the phrase 'generosity is contagious'? This phrase belongs to the 'Artist Support Pledge' founded by Matthew Burrows. A sympathetic movement that...

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solo show -colours-of-nature- Ann's Art

now- artworks now in the group summershow - (special selection through out the whole building)   A new solo exhibition 'Colours Of Nature' at gallery Ann's Art in Groningen. [ The Netherlands ] With everything that is going on in the world it feels so demanding to show a response, a counter statement affirming there is still so much good to be found. In the exhibition 'Colours Of Nature’ we can see nature in it’s full pigments as an antidote for darker times. All the four elements essential to life are represented, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Colourful Water-scapes mostly painted with a high horizon are mirroring, tempting us to discover our own depths. Fiery cloud scapes building warm and brightly coloured shapes representing the...

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New Gallery representation Paris

A new gallery representation in Paris by Singulart. Their credo is 'Moving the world with creativity' and of course I can relate to that.   Singulart is redefining the artmarket to make it more inclusive. Since its inception, SINGULART has been committed to a single mission: to encourage artists and designers who share their passion for beauty and leave their mark on the world. "We believe that creativity has an immense power: to express emotions for which there are no words, no matter the language. We support contemporary creators because their creativity opens minds and brings people together. Artists and designers offer us their visions of society through their unique perspectives."  They have chosen my work into a curated collection named 'Very Peri'"Pantone...

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