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The Color Field Performance

Maybe you've already heard about it?It was new to me, therefore it is my first year of participation on'The Colorfield Performance’ An initiative of the Dutch visual artist Dirk Hakze. The Colorfield Performance is an art spectacle in beautiful Park Lingezegen near Elst. It can be admired by the public at large from April to early October in 2021. Four hundred to five hundred international artists will be working in groups of six throughout the summer. They each paint a large panel on site in one day as part of a gigantic color field. This field keeps growing every week so many visitors come over and over again...

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SummerShow in the South Of the Netherlands

This Summer is a summer full of Floral exhibitions. I would like to invite you to the summer show in Dorst in the south of the Netherlands. The gallery is called DNK which is the abbreviation for "Dorst Naar Kunst" or translated "Thirsty For Art"  The gallery is situated on a spacious location with several buildings on the site. You can enjoy art and design by several national and international artists 

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Flower Tales

*update* There will be a festive finissage on the weekend of July 3 and 4(Due to the measures, a festive opening was not yet possible) Up from May 29, Artzaanstad will start a lively exhibition with flowers in the lead. After the long lockdown this is just what we all need. Flower Tales is intended to please, delight, inspire and celebrate life in all its forms. So be sure to visit the beautiful industrial gallery on the inspiring Hembrug terrain in Zaandam. There will be new ...

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