Artist Support Pledge

May 29th is the start of Art Week in Amsterdam,
and that seems like a good reason to restart a special project.

Some may remember the phrase 'generosity is contagious'? This phrase belongs to the 'Artist Support Pledge' founded by Matthew Burrows.
A sympathetic movement that takes place mainly on Instagram and Facebook.

It is now an important micro economy and global movement.
In short the concept is this, as an artist you offer your artwork for € 220.
I'll tell you more below.
The idea is a simple one, an artist posts images of an artwork on social media to sell for no more than €220,- each not including shipping (value €400,00)
Anyone can then buy the work. Every time the artist reaches €1100,- in sales, he or she pledges to buy another artist's work for €220,- 

How sympathetic since artists should help each other out especially now, 
and collectors benefit too. 

If you've aways wanted to buy a WaterStories Whisper by me, or extend your collection now is your chance:-)

So I hereby make that pledge and share my artworks (one daily-probably at around 19.00) with the hashtag #artistsupportpledge 
on instagram and facebook.