Hello and welcome, my name is Lies Goemans, an Amsterdam based artist with my atelier in Amsterdam Oost. Here you can find a selection of my artwork.

One of the things I love about being a painter is that I can be like a god in my own universum. I feel completely free to create a place where I want to be. If I’m outside, painting en plein air, then I catch my sense of that place in paint and color.
Anything that does not appeal to me, I leave out or simply place it somewhere else.

Emerging myself in the beauty and liveliness of everything that grows and blossoms in nature keeps me running back to my paint again and again. It makes me feel alive. Through my paintings I like to bring the outside in and the inside out at the same time.

Every second there is a variation of color, light, structure. Nature, life really, is always changing, layered and imperceivable. To me painting is not so much about portraying reality but that what I feel and see within that reality. It’s about playing and being seriously committed at the same time.

Sharing that feeling of magical beauty, making your soul feel good, that’s what I want my paintings to do for you.