Lies Goemans is an Amsterdam-based artist whose paintings have been exhibited nationally (water exhibition in the Fundatie) but also in the United States, France, Germany, Denmark and Peru.
Her work is part of many private and several public collections both in the Netherlands and internationally
She started her art career at HKU in the direction of image and media after which she worked in applied fields such as fashion, theater, graphic design. Eventually she found her medium in painting as an autodidact.

"My painting process is intuitive. Large canvases and smaller sizes alternate depending on mood and subject. Color is often the spark with which my process starts. I don't sketch, it just happens on the canvas. Structure and transparency. Lines and surfaces. The base is usually acrylic, a medium that you can work with quickly so that I can take notes in the moment. Details often follow in oil sticks, charcoal ink and pastel. New colors arise because they end up next to each other on the canvas. For me it's playing and being seriously committed at the same time. Just enough recognition to enter the painting, and a sufficient amount of abstraction to invite imagination. The whole process must also surprise me.

Nature is my source of inspiration. The splendor, the grandeur, the wealth of detail and also the vulnerability in addition to the pure zest for life.
I am currently working on several series, including water landscapes called 'What Lies Beneath'. The changing shapes and colors of water intrigue me. Transparency, layering, movement, fluidity, the multitude of water is exciting. There's a whole world beneath the surface that you can only glimpse. It reflects the sky and it reflects me as the viewer. As a painter I feel totally free to create a place where I want to be. Every second there is a variation in colour, light and structure. Nature, like life itself, is constantly changing, layered and elusive. My paintings are about the underlying, the hidden. That which I feel but cannot immediately explain.

I see my work as portraits of nature. A window into an undiscovered world and a reflection of myself.”

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