Exhibition Museum De Fundatie

Selected for the museum-show themed 'Water' in Museum de Fundatie. 

Water SummerExpo, the largest Dutch art exhibition can be seen in parallel with 254 works in the Wolk van De Fundatie and in and around Kasteel het Nijenhuis. Paintings, drawings, videos, photographs, sculptures and installations, from subdued to exuberant, group around the theme in a cacophony of shapes and materials. What water was, is and can take here takes on all possible guises.

We sail on boats, lick ice cream, walk on undulating carpets, see moving water, still, pure and murky water, storm and rain, images that are soaked, dry or steaming or simply gripping. Together these water impressions reflect, -realistic, conceptual or abstract- movements in contemporary art.

To this day, water is a popular subject in the visual arts. The Fundatie collection includes many water works, which can be seen in the permanent display of the castle and museum: poetic landscapes by Jan Voerman, underwater worlds by Gerrit Willem Dijsselhof, savage impressions by Jan Cremer and transparent portraits by Paul Citroen.

So you can imagine how very proud I am to be part of this exhibition!

Practical Information

w h e r e

Museum de Fundatie
Blijmarkt 20
8011 NE Zwolle
The Netherlands

Kasteel het Nijenhuis-[garden-room]
't Nijenhuis 10
8131 RD Heino|Wijhe

w h e n

24 may - 20 august
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 to 17.00

more info on my waterscape series 'What Lies Beneath' can be found HERE
contact details of the museum can be found HERE