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Tender Heart At The Core

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‘Tender Heart At The Core' 

Painting: Acrylic on Linen Canvas.
Size: 20 x 50 x 2 cm 7.87 W x 19.68 H x 0.78
Series: Botanical Story
by Lies Goemans

This painting is sold framed in a black frame with silver border.

Who does not know the beautiful and tasty vegetables that are mainly eaten in France? The artichoke is an arty one. Standing in the fields they produce very special purple flowers. They have a tender heart in the middle, protected by layers of strong leaves. To get to their soft core, these layers must first be removed. You could see this as resilient, strong and challenging. The symbolic meaning of the artichoke flower is hope and prosperity. So what's not to like about that :-)

‘Tender Heart At The Core'  is part of the series 'Botanical Story' 
Wherever I go flowers will always catch my eye. I can travel the world see mesmerizing landscapes and even then a little flower will call my attention. It might be genetic because my great-grandfather and his ancestors were bulb growers. Flowers show me zest for live with their bright colored petals. This series Botanical Story is a little tribute to each of them. Some stay close to their looks others are a bit more abstracted. What they all have in common is that they deserve a portrait of their own.

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This painting is equipped with a suspension system, ready to hang. It is painted over the side and signed on the front.

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