Duckweed Creek-Lies Goemans-waterscape-painting 20x20cm
Duckweed Creek-Lies Goemans-waterscape-painting 20x20cm-interior

Duckweed Creek (S)

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This artwork is sold to a collector in Amsterdam
'Duckweed Creek'

20x20 cm 7.9 X 7.9" inch
acrylic on canvas
by Lies Goemans

Move through life
the duckweed way
focus on the essence,
not on the surface
and feed a duck once in a while :-)

Transparency, layering, movement, fluidity, the multiplicity of water is so exciting. There is a whole world below the surface and you can only get a glimpse of it. It mirrors the sky and it reflects you as the viewer.

On exhibition - more info HERE