Floral Paintings

Paintings by Lies Goemans colourful, blossoming, flowering theme. From magnolia to Peony. Anemone to Ranunculus. Tulips to Iris. Cherryblossom to Rose and more.

Big sized paintings. Impressive flowers and landscapes that colour up your interior. You let the sun shine in every day. If you are in need for a natural statement this is the place to go.

"The reason I paint flowers, is because they speak to me. They show me zest for life, with their bright colors. They are shouting ‘I’m alive’! No holding back, giving all there is, shining and showing, bright and proud.
And what fun it was, when I discovered my love for flowers is planted in my DNA. My great-grandfather and his ancestors were bulbgrowers.

So now I paint them, small and big to let them speak to you too."
Lies Goemans