Exhibition Waterscapes

W H A T 

An Exhibition of new Waterscape paintings by Lies Goemans
(and if you fall in love you can buy directly from the artist)

For all those who did not find the time to visit my work at museum de Fundatie in Zwolle this summer. I would like to invite you to Amsterdam. Here you can see my waterscape painting 'What Lies Beneath'. And not only the first one because it became a series of paintings.
(look for a part of the collection HERE)

W H Y 

To celebrate the thrill of looking deeper than what you can see at first glance.
Transparency, layering, movement, fluidity, the multiplicity of water is so exciting. There is a whole world below the surface and you can only get a glimpse of it. It mirrors the sky and it reflects you as the viewer.

I hope you like to enjoy a quiet moment with a drink to let the paintings work on you.
It takes place in a gallery named 'Losdok' very appropriate :-) on the waterfront of the Amsterdam IJ.


The second weekend of September
8 | 9 |10 september
Friday from 16.00-20.00*
Saturday and Sunday from 12.00 - 18.00*

(*Do give me a call or sent a message if you like to visit but can't make it in these hours)


The venue is Losdok - in pakhuis Wilhelmina
The adres is Veemkade 570 1019 BL Amsterdam

public transport
tram 26 from CS (halte Kattenburg) or tram 10 (halte rietlandpark) have a 5 minutes walk
by car
from A10  afslag S114 to city centre, through Piet Heijn Tunnel- go right at the first traffic light, parkingcentre close by. It's at the waterfront so get behind the buildings to the quay