Young Blackbirdie no.1102
Young Blackbirdie no.1102
Young Blackbirdie no.1102

Young Blackbirdie no.1102

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miniature painting no.1102
5x5cm 2x2"inch
acrylic on canvas

Lies Goemans

Outside my atelier I walked upon this little feathered creature. I was a bit surprised because there was no movement what soever. At first I thought it maybe was a stuffed specimen. Especially when I could approach so close and there was still no motion to see.

But no. He or she was for real. A young blackbird. Maybe she did not learn to be afraid of people yet. Mother Blackbird on the other hand was very anxious hipping at the top of the fence.
I am curious when the fear in the young bird will kick in.
Surely hope never, at least not for me:-)
I love feathered friends

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