Dreaming At The Pond no.1085 XXS

Dreaming At The Pond no.1085 XXS

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miniature no.1085
'Dreaming At The Pond'
5x5cm 2x2"inch
acrylic on canvas

Lies Goemans
I've found myself a new dream destination:-)
And 'never stop dreaming' is one of my favorite sayings.

I'm a fan of Monet's waterlily paintings. When I was young I had a favorite postcard. It was of a painting with bright and vivid colours. It showed a landscape with a bridge over a pond with waterlilies. Whenever there was a lot of turmoil in daily life I turned to this postcard and imagined myself in the peace and tranquility of this beautiful world.

Later on when I visited a museum in Paris I saw Monet's paintings for the first time in actual size and I was impressed and in love. This was also the moment I remembered my favorite postcard and realized it was Monet's urge to paint the 'unseen' world just beneath and above the 'actual world' I loved so much.

Not painting the reality but above all the feeling this reality brings you. Creating a whole new reality. That's what painting is to me too. And now I just found out there is a fish pond somewhere in Japan that has this mystical appearance written all over. So I see myself standing at this pond painting the most beautiful big waterscapes I can imagine. There is no hurry but I will go there one day I am sure!

'Why Downgrade Your Dream To Match Your Reality?
Upgrade Your Faith To Match Your Destiny.'

This little painting was in a way the inspiration for the whole series of bigger paintings
'What Lies Beneath' you can see them HERE


Deze mini no.1085 heeft heel wat in werking gezet...
Om te beginnen werd het een groot schilderij met de naam 'What Lies Beneath'

Dit schilderij werd vervolgens uitgekozen om geëxposeerd te worden in museum de Fundatie in Zwolle.
En het inspireerde me ook tot een hele serie grote schilderijen 'waterscapes'.
Dus geloof me blijf mooie dromen dromen ook voor jezelf! :-)

Aankomend weekend 8 | 9 | en 10 september is deze serie te zien op een expositie in Amsterdam 
Ik wil je heel graag uitnodigen om wat te komen drinken, te komen kijken en hopelijk weg te dromen bij het uitzicht van de nieuwe schilderijen. 
lees er meer over hier

Lieve groet,